Janitorial FAQ

How do I choose a janitorial company?

You should choose a janitorial service provider based on what you value. If you value price you should make the companies you are choosing from aware of that fact and you can be assured of receiving the lowest price. If you are looking for consistency, reliability and high quality service you should search for a company that has the management team, processes and infrastructure to provide that. Consistency, reliability and quality don’t have to cost a lot more but they are not likely to be found with the lowest price provider either. Supervision, service and infrastructure do have a cost. You have to trade the desire to get the absolute lowest price with the desire for having the best quality service. A really good company can provide these things at a competitive price.

Do I have to commit to a long term contract?

This depends on your needs. 1st Impressions prefers to work on contracts but will provide service on a month to month basis. Whether we work on a long term contract or a month to month basis, we will earn your business every month.

How often do VCT tile floors need to be stripped & waxed?

Every six months to a year depending on the amount of traffic your business has. It also depends on how well the floor is maintained in between the waxing.

How often do VCT tile floors need to be buffed?

Again, depending on amount of traffic your business has, but it is recommended at least once a month.